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Day 2

Everyone knows that Day 2 is really when a new program starts.

Yesterday was Day 1 of our I Quit Sugar program. Unfortunately, I had a dinner meeting and half-way through the meal I completely forgot and had some lemonade. And then I ate some of the creme brulée offered at dessert, because I felt like it would be rude to refuse it. That was my first encounter with the pitfall of polite eating, and it reminded me of how so much of the time I eat what I eat because of where I am, or what someone else is eating. Food is such a communal and emotional thing. I will need to start practicing graceful ways to extricate myself from eating items that I don’t want to eat when in social situations. I’ll have lots of practice this week, as I have several events in the next few days and a brunch with my girlfriends (where we always eat pie!!).

So far, Day 2 has been right on track. I had eggs, cheese and toast with raw peanut butter for breakfast. I had a big salad with cottage cheese, avocado, egg, olives, and olive oil for lunch, and an afternoon snack of mixed raw nuts, coconut chips and cacao nibs, which actually really did the trick. It’s amazing how if you feel full, you don’t crave the sugar quite as hard. That’s lesson #2: eat lots of fat to feel full, thereby eating less overall and no sugar.

The things that are saving me this time around are the lack of restrictions on dairy (EAT ALL THE CHEESE!) and milk (DRINK ALL THE LATTES!) and other fats (nuts, avocados, etc.). The focus on healthy fat alternatives feeds my biological need for something rich and creamy and filling. Coffee is also a saving grace. I can give up the maple syrup in my latte, but don’t ask me to give up the latte itself quite yet. That’s just crazy-talk.


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