The Writing Detox

Writing Myself a Healthy Life

Week Two

It’s been two weeks since I’ve eaten any refined sugar and I’m starting to be okay with that. My visualizations and the fact that I’ve cut it out entirely really seems to have helped with managing cravings – or at least with being able to say no to it.

I was in Toronto last week and I found a restaurant called Rawlicious that has the most delicious food. My friend and I had the lettuce taco wraps which were so tasty and filling that I could hardly eat anything else all day. Have you ever noticed that when you eat something really flavourful it is more filling than bland foods? Maybe that’s psychological, but it’s more satisfying for sure. I also found a number of gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free cookies, including macaroons that rivaled every macaroon I’ve ever had. I bought ingredients yesterday to try making them myself. All of their sweets were made with agave, which is significantly sweeter than sugar and therefore you use less of it in anything you make. I have been eating non-processed sweets in moderation, but I find that often I don’t even crave those. Tyler keeps offering to make me gluten free French toast, but I just don’t feel like eating that much maple syrup.

The habits are the hardest thing to break. For example, we are going to the movies tonight and I know I’m going to want to have a coke and some candy. But I’ll take a bottle of water and have popcorn, and overall I think I’ll be okay.

I have lost a few pounds since I started this, but not as much as I’d sort of secretly hoped. It’s only been two weeks, and I have dropped about 4 pounds, which is the recommended average. I guess my bigger hope, other than losing the weight, is that this lifestyle change results in me being healthier overall and sustaining it long-term. I’d like to get my concentration and motivation back, and I’d like to have more energy. So far, I feel pretty tired and I’m having trouble remembering to eat regularly. When I eat often, I’m okay, but I find that because my meals involve so many fewer calories, I often forget to snack on something healthy in-between and then I’ll get very hungry and get a headache. But on the flip side, I am beginning to notice that I don’t have a three-o’clock slump any more. My sister is a coffee drinker and she’s been staying with us. Often right around 3 o’clock she will need her third cup of coffee, but I’m still motoring along quietly, snacking on this and that. That seems to be a positive result.

Keeping on!


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